Travel tips

At the beginning of November the weather is likely to be cold. There will be sunny days but as we are in the mountains we should also be prepared for some rain and wind. The average temperature in this area in November is 10-15°C.

Local currency
The local currency is Kuna (HRK) composed of 100 Lipa. The HRK is tied to EUR at the approximate rate 1 € = 7,50 HRK. Currency exchange can be done at banks, large hotels and independent currency exchange offices where rates are clearly displayed. Most credit cards are widely accepted. ATMs are widespread. The value-added tax (VAT) of 25% is included in all prices quoted in Croatia.

Local food and drinks
Croatian cuisine is quite diverse so it is hard to say what meal is most typically Croatian. In Hrvatsko Zagorje and Central Croatia pasta filled with cheese called štrukli is a famous delicacy, as is purica s mlincima (baked turkey with a special kind of pastry). Sir i vrhnje (sour cream with cottage cheese) can be bought fresh on the Zagreb main market Dolac. Ćevapi and sarma, two dishes widely popular in the South and Eastern Europe are also considered as local. Ćevapi are seasoned minced meat shaped in finger-size portions served in bread and often covered with onions. Sarma are sauerkraut rolls filled with minced meat and rice.

Except widespread hamburgers and pizzas, Croatian fast food market is saturated with bakeries. Burek, a type of cheese-pastry, would be common choice in bakeries although they will have good selection of other pastries.

The most popular alcoholic beverages in the country are beer, wine and various herb and fruit liqueurs.
Croatians enjoy their coffee, so find some time for espresso, cappuccino of caffè latte in one of numerous cafes in Zagreb.

Local timezone
Croatia time is in the Central European Time Zone. Central European Standard Time (CET) is 1 hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1).

For an indication on prices in Croatia:
Espresso 6-10 HRK
Cappucino 7-11 HRK
Domestic beer 13-16 HRK
Pizza slice (fast food) 10 HRK
Lunch in average restaurant 40-80 HRK