After the workshop practitioners will be able to develop management and monitoring plans that encourage testing of assumptions, learning and adapting. They will have practiced how to prioritize conservation targets and use conceptual models and results (causal) chains to analyze threats and determine goals, objectives and indicators. They will also be able to strategically select strategies and determine actions.

Development of plans during the workshop
Important “groundwork” will be done in relation to conservation planning for the areas that the participants represent. Please note that the emphasis is on learning and that the plans will need further work after the workshop!

The workshop offers a mix of theory, practice, reflection and peer review. The trainers will introduce the theory. Teams will put theory in practice and peers will review each other’s results. Coaches will facilitate the teams. All will share lessons learnt and thoughts in plenary.

There will probably be 4 – 5 teams each working on a separate case study brought in by these teams.

During the workshop, teams will be encouraged to capture session-outcomes using Miradi, a specifically designed software for using the Open Standards. Each team should therefore identify a Miradi person, who is responsible for bringing a laptop and who will receive extra guidance in the use of this software.


A number of coaches and coaches-in-training will participate in the workshop. These coaches will facilitate the workgroup sessions. A coach and a coach-in-training will be assigned to each team for the duration of the workshop. A coach is responsible for facilitating his or her team during practical sessions. There are specific sessions scheduled for the trainers and coaches to jointly prepare for the next sessions and reflect on experiences.

There will be 2 coach-trainers with overall responsibility for the workshop and specifically for the training of coaches and participants, preparation of teams and coaches prior to the workshop, evaluation & sharing of results.