Sunday 6th (arrival day)

12:00 – 18:30 Arrival of participants
Coaches preparation & Kick–‐off session
Coaches only!

Monday 7th

9:00 Opening of Workshop
*Welcome by host organisation and CCNet Europe
*Introductions and expectations
10:45 Break
11:00 Introduction to Adaptive Management and the CMP Open Standards
*Review agenda
12:00 Lunch
13.30 Steps 1a and b. Project Scope and Targets
In breakout groups, review project team and scope. Develop draft vision statement and select biodiversity targets.
15:30 Break
16.00 – 18.00 Step 1b. Target Viability Assessment
In breakout groups, describe the current status of conservation targets and set desired goals.
18.00 – 20.00 Coaches Clinic – coaches only!

Tuesday 8th

9:00 Recap
Groups presenting their case studies and reporting back & peer review on Project Scope, Targets and Viability Assessment
10:45 Break
11:00 Step 1c. Threat Identification & Prioritization
In breakout groups, identify and prioritize threats for each target
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Step 1d. Situation Analysis and Strategies
In breakout groups, identify contributing factors and opportunities and brainstorm strategies.
16:00 Break
16.30 – 18.00 Continuation Step 1d.
18.00 – 20.00 Coaches Clinic – coaches only!

Wednesday 9th

08:00 – 13:30 Field excursion (lunch included)
13:30 – 14:45 Recap
Groups presenting their case studies and reporting back & peer review on Threats, Threat Rating and Situation Analysis
14:45 Step 2a. Goals and Strategy Selection
15:15 Break
15:30 – 17:30 In breakout groups, set goals, define prioritization criteria and prioritize among the strategies.
18.00 – 20.00 Coaches Clinic – coaches only!

Thursday 10th

9:00 Recap
Groups reporting back & peer review on their Goals and Strategy Selection
10:15 Break
10:30 Step 2a. Results Chains
In breakout groups, develop results chains for identified strategies. How is the strategy assumed to make an impact?
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Step 2b. Setting Objectives, Activities
In breakout groups, for each strategy: define objectives and activities as the basis for the management plan.
15:15 Break
15.30 – 18.00 Step 3. Monitoring Plans
In breakout groups, define indicators to measure impact and effectiveness of programmatic interventions, threat reduction and target conservation
18.00 – 20.00 Coaches Clinic – coaches only!
20:00 Closing Dinner!!!

Friday 11th

9:00 A Panel Review
Teams present their whole project proposal and work to date to a review panel.
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Closing the Circle
*Getting the data out of Miradi
*Remaining steps in process
*Learning across projects
15:30 Break
16:00 – 17:00 Closing & Evaluation of workshop
17:00 – 18:30 Coaches Clinic – coaches only!