Adaptive Management Workshop – CMP Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation

Dear conservation colleagues and friends,

We are excited to announce that the European Conservation Coaches Network (CCNet Europe) and our hosting organizations BIOM and Croatian Institue for Biodiversity have been working hard to organise a workshop for conservation practitioners on Adaptive Management (AM) using the CMP Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation.

CMP Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation
The CMP Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation (Open Standards or OS) are a set of adaptive management standards to designing, managing, monitoring and learning from conservation projects. Created by the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP), an international partnership of many of the world’s leading conservation organisations, the Open Standards are putting in place the building blocks to improve the practice of conservation. Its goal is to enable conservation organisations to tackle projects efficiently and achieve effective impacts. The supporting software Miradi guides practitioners through the process and captures information to support project planning and implementation, as well as reporting on the results being achieved. The Open Standards are now widely used by conservation organizations around the world and can be applied at project level, for the management of single protected areas or species action plans, or they can be applied at program level, for the management of multiple projects.

Event information & Registration
The AM workshop will take place at Hotel Tomislavov Dom in Nature Park Medvednica near Zagreb, Croatia. The workshop starts on Monday 7th November 2016 at 09:00 and will finish on Friday 11th November at 17:00 for all participants. Coaches involved in coaching one of the teams are expected to start with a first coaches clinic on Sunday 6th November at 12:00 hrs.

The AM workshop allows for up to 4-5 teams (up to 8 people each) to join. In total we can accommodate and facilitate a maximum of 32-40 participants. Please note that from experience we can say that demand might exceed availability of places and we will decide on a first come first serve basis.

On Wednesday 9th November, the BIOM staff invites everyone interested to join on a field excursion (hike) along the nature trails of mount Medvednica. This trip includes a lunch after which we will continue with the workshop. There are no extra costs associated with this field excursion!

Area and venue
The AM Workshop will take place at the Tomislavov Dom, Mt. Medvednica in Croatia. Mt. Medvednica is located in central Croatia, north of Zagreb. Most of the mountain area is covered by forest and protected as a Nature Park Medvednica.

Next steps
After registration and payment of the participation fee, the coordination team will finalise teams and assign coaches and coaches-in-training to teams. Once that is done, teams and their coaches are advised to prepare the basics to make a flying start during the AM workshop. All participants will get access to required materials and the supporting Miradi software prior to the AM workshop.

More detailed instructions and information about all this will follow once we know the composition of teams and coaches.

We would love to hear from you about specific issues you would like to see covered during the AM workshop. Please let us know in time!

For registration & more information
Vedran Lucic (BIOM) – co-organiser – Croatia
e-mail: mobile: +385 95 905 9948
Stella Vareltzidou (CCNet Europe) – co-organiser – Greece
e-mail: mobile: +30 6972 007100

On behalf of the organising CCNet Europe team and BIOM,
Stella Vareltzidou (CCNet Europe) – trainer – Greece
Daniela Aschenbrenner (CCNet Europe) – trainer – Germany
Jens Odinga (CCNet Europe) – coach – The Netherlands / Saba
Tobias Garstecki (CCNet Europe) – coach – Germany
Vedran Lucic (BIOM) – Croatia
Biljana Aljinovic – Croatia

Warm greetings and we are looking forward to a fantastic AM Workshop!